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Family tree

Family tree - Thumbnail

I took part in Family project application, which enables to create family tree of your family, adding photos and multimedia files for each person. In this project I was responsible for creating and displaying the tree.

Family tree - details


Preferences - Thumbnail

This programs demonstrates possibilities of reading applications' preferences from INI files and system registry. It enables to set form's colour, font color, form's size and form's position. In addition it enables to set an option which defines if after launching application preferences are restored from INI files, from system registry or if they are not restored at all.

Preferences - details


Invoicing - Thumbnail

This project simulats simple invoicing application. It enables to manage goods, clients and invoices. It also enables to search all the data in the application and prepares ready for print comparisons.

Invoicing - details

Car showroom

Car showroom - Thumbnail

This application written in Delphi using databases simulates car showroom program. It has advanced features: managing makes and models of cars, managing workers and clients, selling cars. It also enables to search information and it prepars ready for print reports.

Car showroom - details

Calculator with memory

Calculator with memory - Thumbnail

This program is a calculator. It enables to do basic mathematics operations, it controls correctness of operations. In addition it has options adding numbers to a memory and restoring them from it.

Calculator with memory - details

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