Programs and applications - C++ and Delphi programming. Delphi and C++ programmer - list of programs and applications I've created - C++, Delphi, Ncurses, QT, OpenGL, Microsoft Visual Studio C++ - programmer Częstochowa, Poland
WARNING - not all information at this site is up to date. I am working on new version of this site.

Applications & programs

My programs

In this section you can find information about applications, which I programmed. Most of them were created during my studies. These applications are more complicated or are specific in some way - I have written many more.

Programs were divided according the programming language which was used to create them. At the moment these languages are C++ and Delphi/Turbo Pascal.

For each project there were mentioned extra libraries which were used to create it and short description.

This section is rather archival because at the moment I don't develop any desktop applications. Currently I work as PHP programmer and SEO expert - I program websites in PHP, MySQL, Smarty, XHTML, CSS and I prepare search engine optimization for many sites. I'm not going to go back to programming desktop applications right now.

I invite you to get to know programs and applications I have created. Maybe some of them will be inspiration for you.

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