PHP and Smarty Programmer Freelancer Częstochowa, Poland - programming PHP Smarty MySQL CSS XHTML HTML JavaScript W3C WAI Web standards. A few years experience as PHP programmer. Częstochowa, Poland. Websites Częstochowa. SEO expert in Poland
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Marcin Nabiałek - PHP programmer and SEO expert


Welcome on my web site. You will find here all the information about me, my projects, my achievements and about all the things I'm engaged in at the moment.

About me - PHP programmer and SEO expert

About me: MySQL, Smarty, PHP programmer and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert. Place of living: Częstochowa, Poland.. I know PHP programming, Smarty templates, XHTML and HTML languages, cascading style sheets CSS and JavaScript very well. I create web sites according to web standards W3C and WAI guidelines. At the moment I specialize in web sites positoning and search engine optimization in Polish search engines for Polish phrases.

PHP programmer - experience and development

In years 2002 - 2007 I was a stuudent on the University of Technology, Czestochowa. In 2007 I graduated from computer science, faculty: Software engineering and information systems .

I have a few year experience as a PHP programmer - since 2003 year I've been programming web sites, using PHP and MySQL technologies. Since 2005 I've also used Smarty web templates which support web applications' programming and let you separate PHP code from site layout. At the moment I use PHP + MySQL + Smarty and of course XHTML, CSS, JavaScript every day.

I created my first web site with C++ course in 2003. After a year I created the brand new site also with C++ course which is very popular also nowadays.

In the middle of 2005 I started working in computer science company as PHP programmer. My duty was web applications programming with PHP, Smarty, MySQL, XHTML, HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies and contacts with clients. I was working in this company until the middle of 2006.

Since the middle of 2006 I've been programming as a Freelancer PHP programmer, programming web applications in PHP, Smarty and MySQL technologies.

Since December 2006 I've started working in AZ.PL company. My position in that company was webmaster - positioner - this time not PHP programmer. I finished working in this company in September 2010.

Websign - positioning and programming web sites

In July 2007 I set up websign company, which performs Internet services. Search engine optimization is at the moment main profile of my company's activity. If you are interested in positioning for Polish phrases in search engines or website programming, please contact us at contact section.


If you are interested in my person, my skills, my experience as PHP programmer or SEO expert, please feel free to become aquainted in this site content. You'll find here many information about me and projects I've realized.

Marcin Nabiałek - PHP programmer

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