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WARNING - not all information at this site is up to date. I am working on new version of this site.

Websites & web applications

Presented websites

In this section you can find information about web applications I have created. I cannot show links and screenshots for some of them because of written agreements.

All the projects were divided according to the year when they were creates. In that way you can get familiar with my skills which are growing every year.

For each project there were mentioned technologies used to develop it and short decription. Almost each applications have functional, coded for them administrative panels which simplify content management.

As yo can see with newer projects you can see more technologies used, which makes sites easier to develop. With all newer websites I made more efforts to make them more seo friendly (friendly urls, mod_rewrite, code optimization for SEO purposes). For newer websites I also prepared search engine optimization services.

I invite you to get familiar with web applications I have created and if you have any questions or want to cooperate with me, please contact.

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