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CMS system - rebuiliding and creating new modules

CMS system - rebuiliding and creating new modules - Thumbnail

  • PHP
  • Smarty
  • MySQL
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
Work done:
  • MySQL and PHP programming
  • XHTML code
  • website testing
  • search engine optimization

The third project using my CMS. New modules has been added.

It's possible to manage content and settings of the site using administration panel. It enables managing categories and sections in the site, setting default level of a user, configuration of possibilities of comments adding, autoacceptation or administration-accepting comments.

In addition, it's possible to manage all the texts and messages displayed in the site and getting information about users and their system acitivities.

For this project there were added the following modules: companies' directory, announces and hostel module. All new modules can be managed by system administrator via administration panel.

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