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Classified system - IPB integration

Classified system - IPB integration - Thumbnail
Online: no

  • PHP
  • Smarty
  • MySQL
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
Work done:
  • MySQL and PHP programming
  • IPB integration
  • testing
  • caching system

This project is advanced advertisement system. It enables to add advertisements in chosen categories and subcategories. For chosen categories it enables to fill in extra parameters such as prize, photo, payments. Added advertisements are shown in selected categories for a chosen time limit (set in administrative panel).

Using administrative panel it's possible to manage categories hierarchy, districts, cities, quarters (each advertisement is connected to specific city) and extra parameters shown during adding an advertisement.

In addition, users with special priviliges can save chosen advertisement in RTF format, using their RTF temmplates, which are later printed in local newspapers.

The content of the site is cached which decreases database load and speeds up displaying the page. The advertisement system was integrated with existing users database (IPB forum).

This site was adjustes to language requirements and it will be possible to launch english version in the future(now it's only polish).

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