Marcin Nabiałek - experience. Experienced PHP programmer and SEO expert. Experience - search engine optimization and websites programming. Looking someone with experience? I have a few years of experience, have they?
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Marcin Nabiałek - experience

Programming experience

I got interested in programming at the end of secondary school. It was a great pleausure of programming my own programs then. I decided to develop my interests and study computer science.

The choice was very appropriate - I developed my programming skills a lot and I decided to choice Software engineering and information systems as my faculty.

At the same time I got interested in creating web applications. At first I created web pages for my own (my C++ course, algorithms, advices), which I'm still developing.

Experience as PHP programmer since 2003

I created my first website in 2003. It contained my C++ course (this site is no longer available in Internet). After a year I created the new site with my course (it contains C++ course, algorithms and computer science advices) which is nowadays very popular and has many visits daily.

After creating my first web page I wanted to get to know new technologies. I started looking for answers on computer science forum and after short time I was able to advise other users with problem connected to PHP, CSS, XHTML, HTML and JavaScript. I also was buing professional computer science books connected to designing and programming web pages.

PHP Programmer - new technologies

Finally, I got to know databases (mainly MySQL) which are very important in modern web applications. The next step were Smarty templates - they enable to separate programming code from graphics and design what simplifies changes in layout.

In these few years I also managed to get to know very well web standards, rules of creating XHTML sites which simplify positioning, creating advanced cascading style sheets CSS and concepts of creating accessible web pages.

Work in company as PHP programmer

In the middle of 2005 I started working in computer science company as PHP programmer. My duty was web applications programming with PHP, Smarty, MySQL, XHTML, HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies. I was working in this company until the middle of 2006. In this period I gained a lot of experience. I created over 20 applications including 2 internet shops and developed my skills as PHP programmer. I was working in that company for a year until the middle of 2006.

Working as PHP Freelancer

Since the middle of 2006 I've been working as PHP programmer freelancer programming web applications in PHP, Smarty and MySQL technologies. As a freelancer I've created already a few projects and this was only beginning.

Webmaster-positioner - new position

In December 2006 I started working as webmaster-positioner in AZ.PL. I was responsible for designing websites, search engine optimization and many other issues. I was employed in this company until September 2010.

Websign company - positioning and programming

In July 2007 I've decided to set up my own company websign where main course of action is search engine optimization. I'm responsible here for contacts with clients and search engine optimization.

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