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Marcin Nabiałek - about

Basic information

Basic information about me
Name: Marcin
Surname: Nabiałek
Date of birth: 21 November 1982
Place of living: Częstochowa, Poland
Marital status: married
Current status: PHP programmer and SEO expert

Information about me

At the moment I can describe myself as Search Engine Optimization expert and PHP programmer. Search engine optimization and websites programming are at the moment my two main interests. Within bounds of possibility I try to broaden my knowledge, skills and interests to become more and more specialized in SEO and websites programming.

Since 2007 I have mgr inż. degree - I graduated from computer science on the University of Technology, Czestochowa, faculty Software engineering and information systems . I also graduated from pedagogy on the same univesity. I've got scholarship for academic achievement, (twice the best student at the University, once the second best student at the University). I graduated from computer science with avarege grade 4,9 - final grade very good.

For two years I've been working as PHP programmer freelancer, doing many programming tasks, mainly websites. In that time I finished several dozen projects, developing my programming skills and improving quality of my programming code.

Since September 2006 I am a halppy husband. Thanks to my dear wife I am who I am and I achieved a lot in relatively short time.

Since November 2006 I work in AZ.PL company as programmer-positioner and since July 2007 I am on owner at websign, where I am responsible to contact with clients and search engine optimization.

For a few years I develop my skills as much as possible - the limit is always lack of time. However I fell that I develop myself all the time, which makes me very happy person.

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